Naturally prolific, they will respond well to efforts to encourage them to grow fast. If they’re smaller than 15 inches, you can simply pull them up by hand. It's a great option if you are starting with small plants. It can grow three feet a year with adequate water and nutrients. Determine the right spacing for the plants. A privet hedge running along a property border is a classic look. This makes a thicker and better-filled hedge but takes more plants (and money). If it were my hedge I would now trim it all over, removing about 3-4 inches of the lead shoots on both the sides and the top, so they will all make two shoots in place of the single leaders you have at present. They bounce right back after pruning and seem to grow back faster and thicker than before. It can be done more frequently, but at the initial stage, we need to allow space and time for them to grow in the direction we want. This will save you time and ensure that you’re not disappointed or have to put in lots of extra work to try to make your hedges look beautiful. Now with some hedges, if you’ve got a lower hedge and it’s really important that you’re clipping it tight, you might want to use a template. I planted a Privet hedge around 6 years ago hopefully to fully screen off the next door property. Protect your young green fence from animals. I mean… who would fund such a study? By laying a hedge you not only create a living fence, you also help to encourage new growth, making it an excellent way of regenerating an old, overgrown hedge without replacing it. Typically, you need to prune privet hedges around June or August, but you may need to prune sooner if it’s growing fast. Trim it again in a month's time, in the same way, and a third time at the end of the summer. Hi. If you are wondering when to prune privet hedges or how to prune a privet hedge, read on. Stake weak plants to provide support. Do some research to figure out which plants will thrive at your home before heading to the gardening center to make your selection. Use the electric hedge trimmers to shear the sides and tops of the hedge for a more formal look. Give it a good liquid feed and keep it well watered. The purpose of your hedge should be a determining factor in choosing the type of privet you plant. Many kinds are not especially beautiful plants when considered in isolation, but they do excel in the role of hedges. tomw2000. When And How To Prune Ligustrum And Privet Plants. Allow the hedge to grow to about 2.5-5m (8-16ft) in height, with main stems 5-10cm (2-4in) thick at the base Its ability to grow fast and retain limb strength has made it very popular with gardeners all over the world. Any tips to make the hedge a lot thicker? We have three old privet hedges in our yard, they've been around since my dad bought the house in 1978 and are presumed to be much older. It is best to plant whips closely as they not only form a thick hedge, but compete with each other and so reduce the amount of trimming required. If you want to grow thick hedges it certainly helps to know what type of hedges will grow the quickest and thickest. Hence, it is vital to prune hedges twice a year. Choose for your hedge to have a smooth geometric shape that is at least slightly wider at the bottom than the top, which lets light hit all surfaces directly (without this, your lower branches will get leggy or die). Privet hedges are a popular and attractive way of delineating a property line. Styles of hedges vary across the country (see below), but the principles of hedge-laying remain the same. In the winter, cut out about 1/3 of the oldest main branches at the ground. By pruning out dead or diseased growth, regular watering and feeding and with a thick layer of mulch and compost, it is possible to nurture your hedge plants back to good health. This type of hedge will take some time to grow as the only way to make the hedge thick to the bottom is to cut it back so that the new shoots develop close to the ground. For formal hedges, those shrubs will also need to tolerate shearing and frequent pruning, like yew, privet, and boxwood. The hedge appears to be healthy but is very scraggy and thin in the winter all of the leaves come off so the hedge isn't doing it's job.
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