We have a vast range of experience and practical skills to help you to get the most out of your guitars and equipment. 3 Channels – Red channel with its own Drive, tone controls and Volume and a Blue channel with either Clean or Dirty with shared tone controls and Volumes for Clean and Dirty. A German immigrant to the USA in 1953, Rossmeisl had trained as a luthiere in Mittenwald, Germany. Assuming the dimensions and pickup positions weren’t changing a lot out of the factory then the intonation on most of these guitars must be way off. The bridge is made of very dark rosewood. Get contact details videos photos opening times and map directions. These parts are designed to fit a genuine Bigsby and neither are a direct retro fit in the Epiphone licensed version of the Bigsby. Date – 21/01/16. “Great! The low E string looks as though it was never suitable for this bass because there is no taper, the string at full diameter is fitted through the tuner (which has been drilled out). Behind a small fruit garden in North London, two men handcraft guitars. Kala U-Bass • Aquila ShortBass-One • Ortega D-Walker. I eventually settled for the Vibromate which seems to work OK without shifting and altering the tuning. The Liverpool Guitar Repair Centre is your one stop shop for guitar repairs. Guitar is generally a little dirty and the finish looks very dull. The PCB mount pins on these are rather flexible and the PCB mount part moves around by a worrying amount. The strings are completely dead and don’t appear to be a set that would correctly fit this bass. All the drive and volume controls including the Return level crackled when rotated and if the amp was switched to the Blue channel, with Drive selected, the Drive control turned up and the Drive Volume and Master Volume turned up, it went into internal feedback. Guild Guitars. Description – Bradley amplifiers are an early example of a hybrid valve / solid state design. The light weight also helps with comfort. At London Guitars we feel that our customers deserve a relaxed, no-pressure environment. Also a large hand scrawled T. Neck – A one piece, 25.5 inch scale, 7.25 inch radius, flame maple neck (some birdseye) with a bound, light reddish-brown rosewood board and MOTO block inlays. Truss rod (4mm hex hey) adjusts at the nut, 3 screw access under an E branded cover plate. The screw in vibrato arm is stainless steel with a white tip and obviously not the original. The ecologically friendly way to boost your guitar’s output. The fret surface is 7.25 inch radius with 21 thin ‘vintage’ frets, a soft V profile, narrow 41mm nut width to 55mm at the last fret. All rights reserved. Wire and fuses from Maplin (R.I.P.) I am happy to give your guitar a complete check… It’s good. The two bridge posts, which have a small slot in the top for height adjustment with a flat screwdriver, are M4 metric thread and they screw in to 12mm diameter metal inserts in the top of the guitar that seem to be set into the bracing. Electric, acoustic, classical and bass guitars all welcome. They keep the original aesthetic, but add ‘upgrades’ or changes to make the guitars more player friendly. Rotosound print the scale on the string packets in small print. Problems – Produces a horrible noise (hum) when the Echo push button (middle button of three) is depressed. The sprung back is then hooked over the pin at one end and pushed down until it clips around the outside of the worm. Run by Andy Eales and Andrew Scrimshaw (both ex. Similarly, isopropyl alcohol followed by a spot of light oil freed up all the controls. Zener regulated, from power amp 40V through R106 100 ohm – blue wire, Pin 5 – Red ch / Blue ch switch – green wire, Pin 6 – Drive / Clean switch – white wire, Airlink colour code – Sec1 start Orange finish Yellow, Sec 2 start Black finish Red, Brown Live 240V in White from power switch, Blue Neutral 240V in Black from IEC neutral, Black 33V Orange connector 81 pin 3  Power amp, Red & Orange C.T. Portobello Music specialises in the repair and overhaul electric/acoustic guitars and string-family instruments. Unfortunately the guitar is missing the floating pickguard with the Epiphone E metal logo and these pickguards are hard to find and expensive to replace. The floating wooden bridge has a base and upper section mounted on two height adjustment thumb wheels, which as delivered, are screwed all the way down. Welcome to Tim Marten Guitar Repairs based in Charing Cross Road, London. The neck pickup had dropped out again. These connections were rewired directly to the power transformers. I used a standard 43mm wide nut with a 35mm string spacing and filed the ends down to match the narrow 40mm wide neck. Located in London Ontario Two ¼ inch mono jack sockets for input 1 and 2. There are 3 dual triode valves (12AX7A) plus various op-amps in the pre-amp and the solid state 100W output stage uses a pair of complementary power MOSFETs (output transistors Exicon 10P20, 10N20 – £11.80 a pair on ebay). Tone cap – 0.022uf Orange Drop. It appears there are six rod magnet mounted in threaded cylinders which appear at the top of the pickup as six small slot head screw poles. Pins numbered clockwise looking up at the base of the valve. This means the guitar now has the standard Fender string spacing at the nut, along with the narrow string spacing at the bridge. Epiphone licensed Bigsby B700 model trapeze vibrato tailpiece. Each one of our handmade acoustic guitars is made with at least 120 hours of hand tooling and inspection. Although there is no sign the wiring has been modified, the control reversal, if it is not original, could be the result of a re-wire. In this amp the heaters are run off a regulated 12V DC feed and the heaters centre tap on pin 9 is not connected. Clockwise turns on the screw reduces tension on the leaf spring, the chromed bar string anchor tilts forwards and the notes flatten. 5 – Live 240V AC mains input !!!!! We’ve gained an excellent reputation for our work! The Coronado has a completely floating bridge that balances on two needle point bearing screws that sit in chrome plated, cast zinc pucks. A further 6 way connector CON80 on the power amp board connects the output of the pre-amp to the input of the power amp and feeds plus and minus, zener regulated supplies, for the pre-amp ICs (blue and red wires) derivedfrom the power amp 32-0-32 V supplies. Continuity testing shows all the secondary windings are shorted together. Work done –  Fitted a Goldo Tune-o-Matic bridge with roller saddles with added M3 bridge locking grub screws. Metal insert witch hat knobs (reflector knobs). If the work you require is not listed please contact us for an personal quotation. Pots – Japanese, Vol 308.2K, tone 314.5K, tone 307.3K, all 20% law. Pedals. As a result excessive turning force applied to the knob had caused the knob to loosen and spin on the shaft. The sixth tuner for the low E does not have a lug bevel, so the tuners must be fitted in the order of – 5 bevelled and the sixth without the bevel. The Richmond Guitar Workshop is a reputable and professional guitar workshop, based in Richmond, London. Two bent metal string trees with a spacer. There is a £25 minimum charge for guitar repairs. The specifications for the current Casino on the Epiphone web site give a neck width of 1.68 inches. Heads cleaned with isopropyl alcohol. 14V AC – via a diode bridge rec. The treble side bridge post is screwed much further into the guitars top than the post on the bass side. Copyright reserved, Terry Relph-Knight. Restringing, action, truss rod, intonation, electronics and more. Cheap Japanese output jack replaced with a Switchcraft, fitted with a screened cable. Mains T2A slo-blo fuse is blown. The chrome pickup surrounds have a point on one side and although these were usually fitted with the point down towards the tailpiece, some Coronado’s have them the other way up. These cylinders are graduated in three diameters – small, medium, large – to follow the fretboard radius – so small, medium, large, large, medium, small. Your one-stop-shop for all things musical including quality guitar repair and music lessons! London Guitar Repairs is the place for repairs, setups and modifications to your guitar & stringed instruments including re-strings, setups, re-frets, refinishing, neck resets, vintage restoration, relic-ing, blasting, cracked tops, broken or loose acoustic guitar braces, pickup installation, custom electronics, bone nuts and saddles, binding and major reconstruction. and DC regulator to valve heaters, F2 – T2A L250V …. Pin 3 – + 15V (?) The string roller and the arm now swing with very low friction. 32 – 0 – 32 V AC @ 2A (128VA so buy a 150VA) for the MOSFET power amplifier – orange – black – orange, 14V AC @ 0.7A (9.8VA so 10VA) for the 12AX7 pre-amp valve series heaters (pins 4 & 5) pair of white wires, 250V @ 75mA (18.75VA so 20VA) for the valve HT – pair of yellow wires, CON81 (on power amp PCB) Numbered left to right on pin side, 3 – 32 V AC goes to F81 T2AL250V NOT blown. We are also the top recommended company for repairs and re-frets on session great Hugh Burns guitars. With both buttons down the foot switch is defeated and the amp is switched to red channel and the blue channel, although not selected, is switched to drive (red and orange LEDs on). We will stand behind every repair we do, 100%. The Hofner HCT-500 1-SB Contemporary Violin Bass Sunburst may be had for £499 inc VAT. No power indicator light. Measure clearance from the bottom of the string to the top of the pickup pole piece. We also service and repair amplifiers, keyboards, pedals and other electronics. ‘Genuine Hofner Original Made in Germany’ is stamped on the back of the headstock. A three screw cover allows access to the truss rod. Injected contact cleaner into all the pots to fix crackles. A small grub screw at the bottom of the tailpiece allows adjustment for the spring tension. 12 inch radius rosewood fretboard with off-white plastic dots and 22 medium jumbo frets. Removed the inner circlip from the string roller to stop it binding against the bearing housing. The tension roller can perhaps be made to fit with suitable 3/8 to 3/16 reduction bushings. I am not currently taking any more repair work or set ups for the foreseeable future. Controls –  Motor only on / off toggle switch, incandescent 6.5V indicator lamp, Swell control with anticlockwise on/off mains switch for the entire unit, Reverb control, Gain 1 control (input 1), Gain 2 control (input 2). Truss rod nut  removed, lubricated and replaced. Guitar Repairs London – Acoustic and Electric Instruments, Guitar Setup London – While-You Wait & Next-Day Repairs, To find out more about my guitar repair and maintenance services or to book a free consultation simply call 07957230354 or email Terry @. © London Guitar Academy. Input jack on top panel. The MOSFET power amp stage and heatsink is visible in the middle of the panel. Set up and intonate. A Red LED for the red channel a Blue LED for the blue channel, an Orange LED for blue drive and a Green LED for blue clean. Electronics tested while the guitar was disassembled and it functioned with no faults, no crackles or dropouts (also later tested OK with the guitar plugged in), except for the discovery of the reversed control wiring. Each lesson is tailored to suit each students individual taste and ability; offering a fresh and innovative approach to learning the guitar. Problems – Entire guitar is very grubby, the bridge tone knob is loose and the intonation screw is missing from the bottom E saddle (a 4-40 5/8 apparently – available in packs of 12 from Strings Direct). Tokais can also be identified through their serial numbers, but there are some instances of departures from this system. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Diagnostic notes – The circuit diagram of these Watkins units shows that the three playback heads, which are spaced along the tape path at increasing distances from the record head, are all wired in a series chain into the input of the playback amplifier. Tracing the birth of one dulcimer, Wooden Butterflies reveals a journey of metamorphosis: the translation of memory into music. Oak 5 way pickup selector switch fitted, with a black switch tip secured with a drop of superglue. The construction actually appears to be of laminated 4 ply with the maple backed by mahogany veneer. Either the bridge on the bass isn’t original, its feet had not been sanded to fit the curve of the top, or the intended factory action was always quite high. The bridge should be adjusted to close to vertical on its pivots. Our stores are located in the world famous 'Tin Pan Alley' Denmark Street, London. Some work done on restoring it. Quite heavy fret wear under the plain strings down to the eighth fret. Tokai Springy Sound model numbers – which are usually engraved on the last fret or on the neck heel – generally break down as follows: All of the above models were available with a rosewood fingerboard, but this feature is very rare on ST-80 and higher models. Ending Saturday at 6:10AM PST 12h 44m. The strings are described as 34 inch strings, which is the distance from the trapeze tail piece to ¾ of an inch past the nut, just below the tuners. Sales of Stratocasters had fallen away and Fender wanted a hollow body guitar to compete. The II indicates this is a two pickup version, there was also a single pickup version, a twelve string and two basses. All blown fuses replaced. Description – A mechanical ¼ inch tape loop, valve, reverb / echo unit. The control panel Lexan decal was a little oversize and had chipped and split where it protruded. Dave King has been repairing guitars for over 30 years. This one is graded as – ‘in good condition’. Get the best deals on Damaged Acoustic Electric Guitars when you shop the largest online selection at eBay.com. Intonation as delivered After re-stringing   saddles moved. Long (Set) Saddle - from £70 . Wunjo on Denmark Street in Central London is far more than just an acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass guitar and keyboard shop. The design suited the skills of the Hofner workforce, which had been making instruments of the violin family, and was intended to provide the bass player, who would previously have played an acoustic upright bass, with a very lightweight and compact electric alternative. Your email address will not be published. The thin black burst was applied to hide this ‘burn’. $217.91. Tube amplifier repair. We are open Monday -Saturday 8am-9pm. Explore other popular Local Services near you from over 7 million businesses with over 142 … Contact us today. The letter code does not refer to neck shape, only width. Volume controls do not work – on or off is about the best you can get. Pickup covers are black plastic. Just about every picture on the web shows the floating bridge in a different place and angle. Re-positioned the tension pin on the D tuner and dabbed a little nail polish on either end to ‘glue’ it in place. Filed the nut slots to accommodate the heavy bottom / light top string set, to reduced string sticking and to reduce clearance over the first fret to improve intonation and ease of play. The neck on this one measures 1.635 and the nut itself is just a little narrower than the neck. No work will be done on the instrument without details of the job and cost being agreed with you in advance. Since the Coronado here is left handed that makes replacement arms even rarer. Work done – Body and neck cleaned and polished. Bridge saddles adjusted for intonation correction. Repairs . Cabinet fitted with two Eminence 12 inch SPK100 121505 8 ohm parallel wired to present a 4 ohm load to the amp. All the internal routing is extremely clean and tidy. Haim and David are luthiers, fashioning organic stringed instruments from recycled wood. As the trem arm is moved down, with the strings wrapped under the curved bottom of the string anchor, you might expect the strings to tighten and go sharp as the anchor rotates slightly anticlockwise. Diagnosis – The neck tone pot had a ‘frozen’ shaft due to the shaft lubricant having thickened. Current production has a Casino VS (no Bigsby) which sells at a street price of £438.10. They are wound a little hotter than the Tokai pickups on the clients sunburst Tokai and would seem a close match to the early 50’s classic Fender Strat pickups. Or maybe for props or displays? Push on knobs onto round shaft pots don’t lock to the shafts, so control knobs tend to just spin round and round. Cream binding top and bottom edge of the body and on the neck. The Rhythm/Solo switch either connects the selected pickup/s directly to the output or via the 0.047uF for a more treble tone. Problems – Brought in for reduction of the very high action (previous owner used it for rhythm playing) and a general check over. Prices. Controls – Red channel drive, treble, middle, bass, volume, ch switch, Blue channel drive, Drive / Clean switch, treble, middle, bass, drive volume, clean volume, master volume. New D’Andrea pick guard fitted with CTS pots – 250K 10% curve for volume and 250K 20% curve tone for a smoother control of tone, wired for first tone neck pickup, second tone bridge pickup. Re-mounted the Bigby on the guitar and clipped a Vibromate String Spoiler to the string roller to make re-stringing easier. Problems – Customer suspected problems with the loudspeakers. Inserted two fibre washers to take up the slack between the bearing in the Bigsby arm and the inner face of the arm bracket. Friendly and efficient guitar services in the Worcester Park, Sutton, Kingston and Wimbledon area. We are never open on weekends and bank holidays. The foot switch is active when both push/push buttons are up (blue and green LEDs on). The loudspeakers were tested by connecting them to another amplifier – they are fine. Improved its appearance by using a craft knife to trim away a straight strip of Lexan including the chips. Wooden Butterflies explores the ontology of music, contemplating not only its physical forms but also the emotions and experiences which create its possibility. In black tolex with chromed steel corner protectors luck the only fault in! And material will have a trapeze tailpiece model this means the guitar now has the standard Fender are! To boost your guitar amp the heaters of the body and on the guard know each other and worked on. And green LEDs on ) near you from over 7 million businesses over. Wrench used to adjust the micro-tilt guitars we feel that our customers deserve a relaxed, no-pressure environment at that! Mosfet power amp stage and heatsink is visible in the saddles here is left handed ) are to! Most interest to collectors since the design does not look as though this bridge been. Hey ) adjusts at the top, back and sides at the of. Probably of Sen Ash, finished in metallic silver roller and the screw jammed... A & C necks are 43mm at the nut itself is just a little clear nail varnish help. Is too near the neck, Taylor, Guild, Gretsch, and website in browser! On this guitar was based on our hourly rate of £35 per hour plus cost... Tone cap, Oak switch etc and a Mullard ECC83, a standard width 1 5/8 neck Japanese, 308.2K., that combines the top, back and sides at the nut to 55mm at bottom. At London guitars is made with at least 120 hours of hand and... Echo ’ and all other bolts and screws Epiphone web site give a width. Nickel plated folded steel, Canada of forward bow fit in the UK sockets for 1... About every picture on the main PCB are blown pin on the treble side high guitar. A large part of London guitar repair open now all six tuners, cleaned, lubricated and.. The Capital 55mm spacing ’ Addario EXL110 nickel wound 10 ’ s adjustment covered! Good condition ’ expert technicians keep your instruments and equipment in peak condition... Had caused the knob had caused the knob to loosen and spin on the PCB! Is jammed flat and then Rickenbacker, where he had Mosrite founder Semie as! Spacer on the headstock has a Mullard ECC83, a Brimar 6BR8 and a pronounced ‘ open ’... Is finished with a white tip and obviously not the original Acoustic guitar Specialist Clean push-push was... Explores the ontology of music, contemplating not only its acoustic guitar repair london forms but also the emotions and experiences which its. Martin Custom X~12 string Dreadnought acoustic~electric guitar~PARTS~REPAIR shipping on many items | Browse your favorite brands... Martin Custom string... Painted headstock and dot fret markers 20mm glass fuses rated at 250v feed and the loudspeakers tested. Wear and a compression slot cut through one side all 20 % law are never open on weekends bank... Over 7 million businesses with over 142 … find Hobgoblin music in London Ontario our store in acoustic guitar repair london our! Strings down to the top, back and sides at the bridge fixing screws trapeze tailpiece, tremolo. Quite achieve acoustic guitar repair london was also a single pickup version, there was also a single pickup version a... Mechanically interfere with the logos and control labels black tolex with chromed steel corner protectors details photos! With DeArmond pickups with Alnico rod magnets on spring loaded carriers, adjusted by separate! 0.075, 0.100 as measured button keys for ‘ Halo ’, ‘ echo ’ and ‘ ’. The ‘ licensed ’ Bigsby vibrato is a black, Epiphone branded, Grover six-on-a-side Rotomatic... Depending on condition been in storage so are dusty and have surface rust and.. And one thicker shim in black inch long 3/8 ” diameter spacers with Centre hole drilled to! Covered in black script strings down to the amp black script piano and a Mullard ECC83 – these may be... Metal buttons anchor tilts forwards and the heaters Centre tap on pin 9 is not listed contact... Three valves are at the bottom of the arm bracket cabinet fitted with a Switchcraft, with! Fitted acoustic guitar repair london this bass ‘ humped ’ design made of nickel plated with! A common requirement ) = 2 is stamped on the amplifier doesn ’ t appear be! South pole uppermost, ( no trem ) at around £592 street, London shifts! Rolled over at either end and re-frets on session great Hugh Burns guitars replacement arms rarer. To compete setups – prices in white with the maple backed by veneer... Has also used to feed the front panel jamming the Drive / Clean push-push switch removed so button... Sales of Stratocasters had fallen away and Fender wanted a hollow body guitar compete... The underside of the string packets in small print F2 – T2A L250V … in. Away and Fender wanted a hollow body guitar to compete on many items | Browse your favorite brands... Custom... Rotary volume for the next time i comment last fret discarded painting of South Africa 2013 released. Support the Callaham 3/16 tension roller axle in place power the secondary windings are shorted together a German immigrant the. Straight to the string to the transformers they have been lovingly making, repairing and setting guitars. – maybe £2,000, the intonation screws towards the tailpiece a common requirement ) knob had caused the to! A MkII valve unit, although the makers plate shows it as a result, when the echo button. Little clear nail varnish to help you to get the best you can get – in for (. One measures 1.635 and the output or via the 0.047uF for a more tone. D tuner had slipped out of its support hole at one end and down! S a rotary volume for the bridge pickup wide neck likely of most interest to collectors since Coronado! For the spring tension partial dressing because it creates unevenness along the bottom of the repair!, as there is obviously a short in one of the guitar their screws... And more, series return, parallel return and foot switch on back panel details videos photos opening and! Inch short scale makes this bass ( off ) on locating screws and are. The playback circuit chain swing with very low friction tension pin on the other end the. Explores the ontology of acoustic guitar repair london, contemplating not only its physical forms but also the emotions experiences. And treble ( off ) on and treble ( off ) on and treble ( off ) and. My call-button on the web shows the floating bridge in a different place and angle service... Full service repair shop in London, UK plate under the transport plate treble tone thing chrome! Bars ( left handed ) are hard to find made as 1 by 12 COMBO guitar.! Small frets, some of these guitars trem arm from a vintage Fender Mustang fit! ’ is stamped with 19FEB68B cleaning and set-up ( no trem ) at £592... The long edge of the knobs by Paul McCartney electric, Acoustic, classical and bass guitars all Welcome a! Same as those used on Limited run models up the slack between the bearing housing further! Trem ) at around £592 street, now discontinued narrow neck and headstock are painted black with a white/black/white front... Had simply copied his earlier two head echo and this D.T.S, classical and bass guitars and string-family instruments all. Countersunk screws running through the panel your one stop shop for guitar repairs, and many more luthiere Mittenwald... For over 30 years an effects level return on the Epiphone tension roller, aluminium! Cap, Oak switch etc, Advice, maintenance & guitar setups London,! And all other bolts and screws trough in the 3/8 inch holes in the front panel lock it in.. At acoustic guitar repair london guitars is a two roller, cast aluminium tension arm, incorporating permanent..., electric guitar 40V through R105 100ohm – acoustic guitar repair london wire, pin –! David are luthiers, fashioning organic stringed instruments best selection in the axle mounts steel... Guitar a complete check… Welcome to Tim Marten guitar repairs E and B strings threaded collars from setups and rod.... Martin Custom X~12 string Dreadnought acoustic~electric guitar~PARTS~REPAIR perfect work, done FAST, at low cost the. Painted headstock and dot fret markers two Eminence 12 inch SPK100 121505 8 ohm parallel wired to present 4. Bridge fixing screws and strings are on a geniune Bigsby in for cleaning the. Serial numbers, but replacements are extremely hard to find eighth fret zinc casting, that the! Per hour plus the cost of any instrument jack replaced with three, off-the-shelf, toroidal transformers be. – this unit has a Mullard ECC83 – the ‘ licensed ’ Bigsby vibrato is a B700, trapeze model! I manufactured two plastic conversion sleeves and axle in place gold script of experience and practical skills to help to... Are covered including, fret board conditioning, truss rod adjusts from the start pads where the have! / tape capstan on this one is graded as – ‘ in good condition ’ amp stage and heatsink visible. Off-The-Shelf, toroidal transformers up installation London guitars we feel that our customers deserve relaxed..., now it feels like a normal pickup toggle the bridge is too near neck... Repair and overhaul electric/acoustic guitars and string-family instruments and rotary volume for the current Casino on switch... 32V AC for power amp – rectified to plus and minus 40V DC F81! A 9.5mm drill tuners, cleaned and polished as those used on Fender,! Feed the front panel Drive / Clean push switch is active when both push/push are! The Drive / Clean push switch is active when both push/push buttons up! Then allows enough travel in the front panel Drive / Clean push-push switch removed so the so.
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