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Jeesook & Chongchan Engagement Pictures

MAKEUP & HAIR: Vicky C5 Amy, Hera | ENGAGEMENT DAY PHOTO: Seo Photography | WEDDING DAY: Sunday 10/25/15

Susan & Frank

MAKEUP & HAIR: Vicky C5 Alice, Hera, Vicky | WEDDING DAY PHOTO: Cly by Chung | VENUE: Venetian NJ | WEDDING DAY: Sunday 8/23/15

Su & Isaac

MAKEUP & HAIR: Vicky C5 Vicky, Jenn | WEDDING DAY PHOTO: Amanda Dolly Photography | VENUE: Casino in the Park | WEDDING DAY: Saturday  8/8/15

Hien & Jonathan

MAKEUP & HAIR: Vicky C5 Alice | WEDDING DAY PHOTO: Manstrom Photography | VENUE: The Metropolitan | WEDDING DAY: Saturday  9/12/15

Mia & Sy Engagement Pictures

MAKEUP & HAIR: Vicky C5 Amy | ENGAGEMENT DAY PHOTO: Cocona Studio | WEDDING DAY: Friday 10/23/15