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Gwen & John

MAKEUP & HAIR: Vicky C5 Amy, Hera, Angie | WEDDING DAY PHOTO: Ahmet Ze | VENUE: Ashford Estate | WEDDING DAY: Saturday 7/18/15

Francesca & Chris

MAKEUP & HAIR: Vicky C5 Vicky, Hera, Alice, Jen | WEDDING DAY PHOTO: Cly by Chung | VENUE: Guastavion’s | WEDDING DAY: Friday 7/10/15

Haelim & Minyang

MAKEUP & HAIR: Vicky C5 Alice, BJ, Monica | WEDDING DAY PHOTO: Cly by Chung | VENUE: Sofitel | WEDDING DAY: Saturday 8/22/15

Maureen & Clinton

MAKEUP & HAIR: Vicky C5 Alice, Hera | WEDDING DAY PHOTO: Minnow Park | VENUE: Highlands Country Club  | WEDDING DAY: Sunday 8/30/15

Jina & Edward

MAKEUP & HAIR: Vicky C5 Vicky, Leah, Agness | WEDDING DAY PHOTO: Cly By Matthew | VENUE: The Peninsula Hotel  | WEDDING DAY: Saturday 5/9/15