Trial hair and makeup

What to Prepare for a Wedding Makeup Trial

Prepare pictures of your gowns

Your makeup artist will appreciate greatly if you can show her pictures of your gown than you trying to describe how the gown looks like. It is important because then your makeup artist will be able to know the style of your gown and she can do hairstyles that fit the style. In addition, it will be a lot easier to match the accessories.

Prepare pictures of makeup or hairstyles which you like/dislike

Often brides come for trial without any ideas of what they want. I feel that in order to have a fruitful trial, it is important to do some homework in advance. It is very common that the bride and MUA has different interpretation of how a light or heavy make-up looks like. As such, it is always preferable to show pictures. If you do not have time to do some research beforehand, do get the MUA to show you some pictures so that you can point out to her what you like or dislike.

Wear a white tube top or dress- easier to match accessories

Sometimes brides come to my studio with their casual wear and it makes matching of accessories rather difficult. In order to stimulate the look of a gown, it is best to wear a white tube top/dress. Or at least something that has a clear neckline.

Have clean dry hair. Preferably do not use conditioner the night before your trial.

A lot of brides have this misconception that they must have perfectly conditioned hair for their wedding. In fact for most hairstylist, it is quite a nightmare to work with silky smooth hair!! Hair which is slightly dry will hold curls much better and longer. As such, just have your hair washed clean and skip the conditioner.