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The VickyC5 Team is made up of the most talented and skilled hair stylists and makeup artists in NY. With over 10 years of international experience in fashion, film, music videos and more, our team offers clients an entire package of image-industry experts who work collaboratively to deliver award-quality results.

This team has built an unparalleled reputation in the wedding industry, servicing brides as Beauty One until VickyC5 was luanched in 2007. The same service, same talent, same know-how now offer in Bayside and Times Square locations. As the brush highlights an individual’s charm, Vicky and her team strive to spotlight the beauty and wedding industries with unsurpassed service, talent, warmth and care.

Ever-expanding and looking to fulfill each clien’ts needs, VickyC5’s doors are always open to collaborate and make lasting relationships with new artists, designers, photographers, producers, directors, and musicians.

To capture the essence of each beautiful bride…

To create the most perfect and lasting memories…

To truly make each wedding day unforgettable…

Y o u r   C a r t