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We provide treatments in the art of healing and the importance of essential oils. You will be in a revolutionary environment of Beauty & Image. The facial treatments will provide relaxation for your skin and mind, which will mineralize the skin and generate a calming effect for your mind.

Deep Cleansing

A good choice for facial ‘freshmen’ this treatment combines skin-type specific cleansing, exfoliation, pre-extraction oxygenation, extractions and individualized treatment mask chosen to suit and soothe, with lots of massage and pampering.

Aroma Therapy

The use of pure and rare essential oils in massage is a fantastic way to maximize the healing power of the massage itself. When combined with essential oils, a massage can have a powerful calming or energizing effect, depending on the oil chosen and the strokes of the masseur.


Layers of dead tissue disappear, as finely ground crystals are blown gently across the face. Our specialized exfoliating treatment leaves skin looking polished and smooth, making imperfections such as discolorations and fine lines less noticeable. This is an absolutely fabulous addition to the anti-aging arsenal.


Skin Care Packages

  • – Light Skin (30 min. $65)

Ideal for those on a busy schedule and first time face care in life. Extraction is not included.

  • – Super Skin (60 min. $95)

This purifying facial will restore and condition your skin with deep cleansing technique and deep extraction. GREAT for acne or oily skin.

  • – Multi Bio (90 min. $120)

Natural face lift! This deluxe treatment will deliver deep hydration and gently firm and tone. The result will be a healthy, glowing complexion and a blissful skin! A series of 5 treatments is recommended (series of 5 / $500).

  • – Well-Being (110 min. $150)

Relax as you experience this luxurious anti-aging treatment with vitality-rich botanical and heavenly aromatherapy. A relaxing back massage is included. This is our client’s favorite!


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