Bridal Beauty Count Down


The day every bride has been dreaming of her whole life. From the immaculate dress to the radiant complexion, everything you need to make your dreams come true.

6 Months Before 

Wedding beauty begins with finding the right artists and estheticians to care for all your skin care and wedding day needs. Day of makeup and hair should be thoroughly researched and tried as no changes can be made the day if the wedding. 

3 Months Before

 Wrinkles, fine lines, sun spots and skin elasticity should be addressed and started to treat at least 3 months in advance. Body slimming and cellulite concerns also need ample time for noticeable results. At home, the best beauty secret is to give your body enough sleep. 10PM to 2 AM is the time when the body’s cells are most regenerative. Deep sleep during these hours are most effective and beneficial.

* For the perfect oval face shape, brides are encouraged to apply essential nutrients and do light massage nightly. Rest your chin in your palms and extend fingers over cheeks and push upward lightly. Also practice saying a, e, i, o, u in mirror to maximize elasticity.

1 Month Before

It is essential to receive a facial at least one month before the wedding. The cells are fully regenerated every 28 days, so skin should be pampered and full moisturized with ample time in mind.

2 Weeks Before

Now is the time to concentrate on moisturizing. Makeup might not sit well on dry skin and fine lines, and wrinkles are sure to be exposed. Using an essence in the morning and night to combat dryness would be most ideal. Estheticians can also offer deep massage and penetrate techniques to further maximized moisturization.

2 Days Before

Even brides with great skin care regimens can be affected by last minute wedding stress. One week before the wedding, sleep is your best friend to combat the dark circles and tired complexions. Two days before is the ideal time for last minute mani pedis, body exfoliation, eyebrow waxing and trimming. A relaxing massage would be ideal at this time.

Day Before

Now is the time to really relax and think of wonderful thoughts. A light aromatherapy massage and moisturizing face mask would serve the best. Avoid drinking too much water as you can bloat. Also, make sure to sleep at least 6-7 hours that night.

The Day of

Wake up at least 2 hours before you’re scheduled to start hair and makeup. This should allow enough time to debloat your face. If eyes are especially puffy, place cold green tea bags over your eyes for few mintues. After showering and cleansing, use everyday face cream, eye cream and lotion of care. Try not to use sunblock at this point. Also, dress in a button front shirt or dress that you can change out of without ruining newly styled hair. After hair and makeup, the bride will change into her gown for finishing touches.

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